One of us

You’ve always been one of us
So stop acting
Like you’re the one who has
 something to prove
Like I’m the one who needs to hear
 your words
Of awkward admiration
I’ve known it
Not as long as others I’m sure
But at least from the moment your
 shadow intersected my threshold
And your mind
Fierce and furious
Told the tale of its exploits
Almost apologetic
Which is actually comedic
In a moment nearly cathartic
Because I’m just the same you know
The curiosity, the doubt, the fleetness
 of thought and the depth of absorption
In some beautiful and precise endeavor
Complexity not a signpost of fear
Rather a joyous playground
It’s mysteries treasures hid in plain view
So let’s raise our cups as equals
As friends
As instruments unified in
 sympathic resonance
And drink to the dregs
To the reinvention of wheels
To the vast superiority of building
Over buying
To the idea that a piano keyboard is
 more lovely a user interface by far
Than that goddamn claw machine
 at the highway rest stop
Always promising instant gratification
Always letting you down to the tune
 of two quarters and an empty pocket
To Teaching Yourself How to
 Program in Ten Grueling Years
Of error messages that scroll down
When what it meant to say was
You neglected please or thank
 you very much
That is to say
A freaking semicolon
To the glorious rapture of a world
 compiled into a incomprehensible
 trail of digits
Unrolling to affect
The light dancing around us
We are different
You and I
But you are, without a doubt,
One of us.

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